The Next Steps

Coder Girl Hack Day aims to show that coding is for all. Did you or your daughter enjoy the day, and are you wondering where can I go next?

My daughter is interested in coding

CoderDojo is movement of volunteer coding clubs. The environment in a CoderDojo is very cool, laid back and very, very creative. If your daughter is interested, there are loads of Dojo’s held in Dublin. A list of near by dojo’s are below, for times and days you will have to contact each dojo separately.

If you don’t see a Dojo in the list that is near you, check out CoderDojo’s Find A Dojo page. You can also start your own Dojo of course! There is loads of information on their Organising A Dojo page.

I’m Interested in Coding

Are you interested in learning to code or do you just want to learn a new language? Coding Grace is an incredible organisation who run coding workshops in Python and Data Analytics using R. Information on events can be found on the Coding Grace website. The events promote diversity and beginners are welcomed.

I’m a DIY Tech Enthusiast

TOG is a hackerspace based in the centre of Dublin, Ireland. It is a shared space where members have a place to be creative and work on their projects in an environment that is both inspiring and supportive of both new and old technologies. For information on events at the TOG Hacker space, check out their website.